Reaction Pro Fins

Full foot fins

Reaction Pro Fins

SKU: BG191036

Color: Yellow / Silver
Size: 36/37
Not Available


Technical Features

• Comfortable full foot pocket
• High performance long blade
• Thermo-rubber soles for extra grip on wet surfaces

Reaction pro is an adventuresome fin derived from cressi deep freediving models, which also introduces the use of more responsive materials to the sector of normal-length full-foot fins. The blade is not in fact made using a copolymer, but instead it is polypropylene, which is exceptionally lightweight and responsive. This material is paired with a comfortable thermo-rubber that is used in the footpocket, the side stringers, and the various inserts. The blade starts from the upper side of the footpocket, increasing the useable surface by 20% over traditional fins of similar length. The optimized, highly anatomical footpocket is designed by computer, ensuring that leg-to-fin power is conveyed perfectly

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