R20 - R30 - R50 Reels

R20 - R30 - R50 Reels

SKU: FA359020

Color: Black
Model: R20
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Technical Features

• Reel of sturdy construction that combines the resistant delrin material with assembly elements in aisi316 stainless steel
• Constructed from a single piece of delrin which is worked by a high precision lathe
• Stainless steel mechanism
• Lenght for line: 50 m - 160 ft with line ø 1.5 mm
• Dovetail mounting for quick assembly, compatible with many cressi rifle models

The frame and the central pin are in aisi 316 steel. The drilling on the frame itself allows it to be used also on arbalete spearguns of different brands. The special clutch provides an excellent closing torque. The assembly system allows easy maintenance and cleaning. All sizes are equipped with a rewinder ring and size r50 is also equipped with an antiblocking roller. The models r30 and r50 are equipped with a lightened drum in order to weigh as little as possible on the balance of the speargun

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