Pluma Fins

Full foot snorkeling fins

Pluma Fins

SKU: CA172033

Color: Blue / Azure
Size: 33/34
Not Available


Technical Features

• Patented cressi molding
• Technology used to create lightweight, responsive blade
• Computer designed foot pocket with stiff base better transmits power down the blade
• Soft thermo-rubber foot pocket material is comfortable for extended wear
• Lightweight polypropylene blade is easy to pack
• Blade ribs provide precise flex control for maximum thrust
• Excellent value

This high-tech fin designed specifically for snorkeling benefits from the best technologies used in free diving and scuba diving. Cressi’s unique molding process also allows for the use of three separate materials to create a highly-responsive blade. Now, snorkelers can power through current and enjoy hours on the water without undue muscle strain. The pluma’s computer-designed foot pocket provides excellent power transmission and unparalleled comfort

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