Lampuga Wetsuit Man

Two-piece wetsuit 5 mm ⸴ 5+7 mm

Lampuga Wetsuit Man

SKU: LU490202

Color: Camo
Size: S/2
Model: 7+5 mm
Not Available


5 MM: 16-24° C / 60. 8-75. 2° F CE CERTIFICATION DIVING WETSUIT EN 14225-1:2017: C
7 MM: 10-18° C / 50-64. 4° F CE CERTIFICATION DIVING WETSUIT EN 14225-1:2017: B

Technical Features

• Preformed anatomical cut
• Jacket with padded reinforcement on the chest
• Watertight seals in smooth skin on hood, wrists and ankles
• Reinforced anti-abrasion lining on the chest and knees
• High-waisted trousers with watertight seals on the ankles and waist

Inspired by the livery of the pelagic fish a special digital printing system has been used for this new camouflage wetsuit, allowing highresolution images to be obtained and thus create an exclusive camouflage design. The new “cryptic camouflage technology” of cressi is based on a real image of a fish (a dolphin fish in this case, with its dominant colours), to create camouflage that is very close to the original and then altered to obtain a repetitive effect that is one of a kind. The wetsuit is manufactured in two separate 5 or 7 mm pieces (jacket and pants). The materials used are: highlyelastic camo on the outside, open-cell neoprene on the inside

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