Kiddo Sunglasses

Kids sunglasses

Kiddo Sunglasses

SKU: XDB100441

Color: Shark / Smoked Lens
Size: Years 6+
Not Available


Technical Features

• High quality unbreakable lenses
• Anti-glare treatment
• Sharp, high-contrast vision
• Microfibre glasses and eyewear bag
• Protective polarized antireflection lenses

The mirrored lenses mounted on these glasses are treated with advanced revo coatings that return excellent performance in different light conditions and in any environment. The mirroring of the lens guarantees the maximum possible brightness and a highdefinition lens. Cressi sunglass lenses are designed to protect your eyes from the sun, including near the water, and they shield against all uv rays, so you can savor the sunshine while enjoying comfortable vision. If your eyes are sensitive to the light, choose a dark shade. Lighter and gradient lenses are perfect for cloudy skies with little sunlight, while darker lenses protect your eyes in bright sunlight. The polarizing filter in the cressi sunglasses guarantees sharp vision free of reflections and glare. Cressi polarized sunglasses block harmful sunlight reflected from horizontal surfaces, such as water or a road surface, while allowing vertical light to reach the eye. Vertical light is important for human eyes and improves vision. Cressi sunglasses have superior optical quality; they block reflections and protect against uv rays. They offer sharp vision that is rich in detail and increases contrast, protecting the eyes from harmful rays. This combination improves comfort and decreases eye fatigue

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