Dws Dog Wetsuit

Keeps your dog warm and safe

Dws Dog Wetsuit

SKU: LB100001

Color: Black / Yellow
Size: Micro XS
Not Available

Technical Features

• Made of 100% neoprene
• Available in 11 different sizes
• Bright color for more visibility
• Rubberized logo
• Back clousure zip
• Zippered opening
• Anatomic design
• Freedom of movement
• Thermal protection
• 100% neoprene vest

The dog wetsuit is a 3 mm thick neoprene bodysuit that isolates the body of the animal and protects it from the cold, thanks to the air cells of its structure which, at the same time, facilitate the buoyancy. The use of the wetsuit, due to its thermal characteristics, can avoid the onset of swimmer’s tail syndrome. The soft material that wraps the dog gives it a reassuring effect and promotes calm and self-control. The dog wetsuit presents a cut that follows canine anatomy and allows free movements avoiding any constriction. The garment has a comfortable full-opening zipper on the back, which facilitates dressing. The 11 sizes range is from micro xs to xxl. This product has also been designed to be used under the cressi dog life jacket, which further increases the dog’s buoyancy

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