Tisk 500 Ml Bottle

Stainless steel bottle with double caps

Tisk 500 Ml Bottle

SKU: XVA709023

Color: Navy Blue
Size: 500 ml
Not Available

Technical Features

• Silicone sleeve A soft touch silicone coat for improved hand grip and absorb shocks, removable and washable
• Double walled insulation
• Composed by a double layers of stainless steel wall separated by vacuum for long time thermal keeping
• Double caps
• One Sporty cap with one hand opening for fast drinking, one Regular cap for a steady flowing

Tisk is the cressi bottle designed for everyday life, for enjoy your favorite drink without any alteration of taste thanks to the stainless steel material inside. Tisk is made with double-wall vacuum technology that allows maintain the temperature of the liquids up to 12 hours for hot drink and 24 hours for cold drink. Tisk is equipped with a double interchangeable cap, the sporty cap with “one-handed” fast opening and the regular cap. The silicone coating is removable and washable

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