Solid Isup

Rental dedicated ISUP

Solid Isup

SKU: NB011070

Color: Grey
Size: 10'6''
Not Available

Solid is the cressi hydrosports sup family designed specifically for professional rental. The use of double chamber reinforced plf technology and triple-layer anti-abrasion rail (the most resistant and robust composition in the whole collection) guarantee maximum structural rigidity and great safety during sessions at sea. The board is available in the all round version with one seat and tandem with two seats. Due to their intended professional use, the two versions of solid have features designed to improve the experience of both the boards' end users and those who rent them. Numerous d-rings and handles are positioned along solid's structure to facilitate hooking and transport. Furthermore, each side features special dedicated hin (hull identification number) spaces for customized numbering by the rental center. The us click 9" fins supplied have a quick coupling and release system, with a variable-intensity locking system. Each board will be accompanied by a trailer leash, a reinforced elastic rope with double s-shape carabiner, useful for towing and mooring. Technology: double chamber plf reinforced triple-layer reinforced rail with external anti-abrasion coating, for longer-lasting boards when subjected to greater stresses from prolonged use during rental. The double air chamber core made of pre-laminated material with a dedicated valve gives the user high rigidity and safety in case of air leaks caused by accidental punctures

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