Scorpion B.C.D.

Anatomical back inflation b. C. D

Scorpion B.C.D.

SKU: IC770000

Color: Black
Size: XS


Technical Features

• Development of rear-mounted air cell
• Air cell material: 420 denier nylon
• Integrated cressi flat-lock-aid weight system on a back vertical position
• 3 pressure relief valves: one on the upper part of the hose, one reel-operated valve on the right-hand side of the shoulder and a third on the lower right-hand side of the air cell
• Two 50 mm aluminium d-rings on the shoulder straps
• Two 25 mm aluminium d-rings on the pockets
• Ultralight semi-rigid harness
• Next generation anatomical infl ator with hose retainer
• Multipurpose zip pockets with weight pockets inside
• 40 mm quick-release buckled shoulder straps
• Side adjustable lumbar flaps

The scorpion jacket is an impressively light high-buoyancy rear-mounted bc, anatomically designed for maximum comfort and wearability. Its main features are its detachable harness and air cell. The rear-mounted air cell interferes neither with the main underwater component nor with the adjustment straps, not even when it is inflated to the maximum: this means extra freedom of movement and buoyancy for the diver. The special air cell compression strap guarantees extra quick deflation and volume control. The ultralight semi-rigid harness ensures optimal stability and high comfort with its air-net fabric. Its integrated cressi flat-lock-aid weight system makes extra easy to release the pockets

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