Saetta Pneumatic Speargun

Quality & power

Saetta Pneumatic Speargun

SKU: FR384000

Color: Black
Size: 40
Model: No Reducer
Not Available

Technical Features

• Internal ø 13 mm barrel
• Upgraded muzzle with incorporated holes for water drainage
• Upgraded white-colored ergonomic handle
• Safety lock
• Handle eyelet for cord connection
• Threaded shaft ø 8.0 mm
• Power reducer version available
• Measurements: 70, 55 and 40 cm
• Measurements with reducer: 110, 88, 70 and 55 cm

The saetta is the ultimate in pneumatic spearfishing. An upgraded model of the worldrenowned cressi sl series, the saetta offers unmatched power, comfort and accuracy. A few design tweaks have been able to maximize shot power with high precision and speed. Among the upgrades of the extremely reliably sl series is a new muzzle with incorporated holes to aid in water drainage and a new, soft, angled white handle that also aids in locating the speargun underwater. The saetta still boasts some of the same successful features of its predecessors. For one, an anatomical high grip butt that enables the gun to be held in line with the arm. A strong line hook situated on the bottom of the grip butt for shaft loading. Also, a safety catch that frees the line; releasing the device, when the trigger is pulled, and lastly, an ø 8 mm threaded shaft. The cressi saetta is the new standard in pneumatic spearguns. The saetta is available also with the version with the power reducer, a lever that reduces the power of the half, in case of close targets

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