Raffaello Computer

Rectangular wide screen scuba diving computer

Raffaello Computer

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Technical Features

• High contrast display. very large numbers, position for an easy reading.
• Intuitive, easy access menu
• 12/24 time and calendar
• Back lighted display
• Surface time, desaturation time, no fly time
• Low battery warning
• Metric or imperial measures
• Long lasting battery
• User replaceable battery
• Dive (air/nitrox) program
• Cressi rgbm algorithm
• Complete dive data elaborator
• Ppo2 1,2-1,6 setting
• Different air mixes manageable during the dive: gas 1 21-50% gas 2 21-99% gas3 21-99%
• Graphis indicator of oxygen toxicity levels at cns
• Safety stop indicator
• Safety factor can be set at different levels
• Altitude setting
• Uncontrolled emersion algorithm
• Possibility to alternate nitrox and air dives during desaturation
• Time visible during the dive
• Possibility to insert/cancel a deep stop
• Loud alarms in case of violation of ascent speed, decompression stop or ppo2
• Ascent alarms can be disabled
• Total reset possible. useful for rentals.
• Possibility to plan dives without decompression
• Free (apnea) program
• Visualization of all diving data
• Depth
• Water temperature
• Dive counter
• Maximum depth of the dive
• Dive time
• Surface interval between dives
• Duration of the diving session
• Surface interval
• Recovery time alarm
• Gage program (without decompression calculator)
• Depth/temperature indicator
• Average depth
• Dive time in minutes/seconds
• Depth chronometer can be reset
• Daytime visible during dive
• Offmode
• Sensors are disabled to allow snorkeling and swimming
• Logbook to 50 dives per program type

Raffaello is a diving computer with a flat, large display. It is thought to give the diver the maximum data readability. Despite its thinness and lightness it is very resistant and robust. The body of raffaello reinforced material through micro-structured nano charges. It features a mineral borosilicate glass, extremely resistant to scratches. Two sturdy metal buttons allow for an easy access to data menus. They will not lock and function in any water condition, even in the presence of mud. The wrist band is made of silicon. It is safe, robust and comfortable at the same time. The circuit architecture and its new generation components allow an extremely long battery life

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