Pulpy Flip Flops

Pulpy Flip Flops

SKU: XVB9479122

Color: Fuchsia / White
Size: 22


Technical Features

• Ideal for walking on the beach, in the sea, on the reef, or over rough seabeds
• Available in a range of bright colours
• Closed shoe
• Soft and lightweight
• Can be used in the water and ashore

Our pulpy water shoes are made of a single softand lightweightmaterial. They'll protect your feet from scorching sand, rocks, sea-urchins, reefs, and rough seabeds. You can wear them on bare feet, and they work just as well near the wateras they do strolling down the street. Pulpy shoes have a fun lookand come in bright colours. They'll be your inseparable leisure companions, step after step.

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