Ninja Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses

Ninja Sunglasses

SKU: DB100001

Color: Black

Technical Features

• Ideal sunglasses for water sports
• Anti-glare polarized lenses with uv protection
• Water repellant hydrophobic
• Equipped with a practical hard case
• Protective polarized antireflection lenses

Ninja sunglasses have been specially designed by cressi to protect your eyesight in the proximity of water. Cressi ninja solar filters ensure 100% protection from uv rays, block dazzling reflections and glare, making for ultra clear, well-contrasted vision. Thanks to the wrh treatment that makes them water-repellent and hydrophobic, the lenses remain clean at all times, yet another feature that makes these glasses indispensable when boating or sailing. The antireflection treatment also comes in handy when driving, in that it drastically reduces reflection from the asphalt and improves vision. Highly appreciated in the traditional version with black temples, they are now proposed in a mimetic version, renewing the success that made them famous

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