Lipari Sandals

Ideal for swimming pool

Lipari Sandals

SKU: VB951427

Color: Azure / White
Size: 27
Not Available

Technical Features

• Strap material fabric
• Closure slip-in
• Sole material foam
• Pool sandals made with all the technical
• Stratagems to make it a top class product
• The anatomic sole is moulded from special
• Anti-bacterial and light co-polymer foam
• They come with a non-slip patterned sole
• And raised sides to hold the foot perfectly
• Comfortable, ergonomic design
• Suitable for shower, swimming
• Soft to wear and wash

Cressi lipari are perfect to be used on the beach or in the pool. With anatomically molded sole and made of special foam material for long-term hypoallergenic and ergonomic

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