Kuwae Multi Thk Swimsuit Man

Multi thickness monopiece wetsuit 4+3+2 mm

Kuwae Multi Thk Swimsuit Man

SKU: DG002411

Color: Black / Red
Size: XS/1
Model: 4/3/2 mm
Not Available

Technical Features

• The ultimate swimming wetsuit
• Completely designed with a sophisticated 3d modelling software
• Graphics inspired by underwater volcanic eruption
• Maximum visibility for the swimmer when in open water
• Back zip
• Different thicknesses (2-3-4 mm)

The new cressi swimming suit is inspired by the underwater caldera kuwae, located in the vanuatu archipelago in the south pacifi c ocean. The coral colour of the upper part of the wetsuit recalls the lava of the volcanic eruption, like the truly explosive design. This particular colour was also chosen to give the swimmer maximum visibility when in open water. Kuwae has been entirely designed with the help of sophisticated 3d software for the modelling of wetsuits, which made it possible to study the fi tting of the materials and the different sizes on virtual mannequins. In this way, cressi not only facilitates an innovative approach to research and development, but also obtains a positive environmental impact by eliminating unnecessary sample collections. Kuwae is the ideal wetsuit in cold water with temperatures between 12 and 18°c. The different thicknesses (2-3-4 mm) of the super-elastic materials favour buoyancy, help the swimmer to achieve a perfect trim when swimming on the surface and improve the fi t in the arms/armpits, while ensuring complete freedom of movement. The striped material insert applied in the wrist area helps to move more water during the classic freestyle stroke. The new low neckline design has been studied to avoid any friction around the neck, while maintaining a perfect seal against water infi ltration. On the inner part of the under zip panel it is possible to customize the wetsuit with your name and insert the key of any means of transport in the special pocket. The ykk back zip guarantees tightness and resistance over time: the slider is made of anti-corrosion metal material, to ensure greater sturdiness when pulling the lanyard during the closing/opening of the wetsuit

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