Jet Isup Set

Cruise dc ISUP set 11'2''

Jet Isup Set

SKU: NA061163

Color: Teal
Size: 11'2''

Jet is the cressi hydrosports isup designed for cruising (medium and long time paddling activities). His “spear” shape combined to the 11’2’’ lenght gives to the board a great hydrodinamic performance keeping at the same time a good roll stability thanks to the 30’’ width and the us 9’’ fin supplied. The board profile has a nose rocker to improove floating on the sea waves and ripples, avoding the bow sinking. Jet is made with cressi double chamber technology that guarantee floating in case of accidental punctures then a better maritine safety; the inner “core” chamber also gives at the board, a great stiffness that enhance paddling thrust

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