Ipanema Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses

Ipanema Sunglasses

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Technical Features

• Eminently suitable for outdoor use and leisure time activities polarised
• Antireflection lenses for maximum uv ray protection
• Protect your eyesight from solar radiation, filtering out reflections and making for better vision
• Available with filters in a choice of colours
• Wrh
Thanks to the protective wrh water repellant hydrophobic treatment of cressi lenses, the water droplets quickly slip away from the surface, freeing the vision from halos and dirt. this protection prolongs resistance and durability by providing clear and defined images. all layers of wrh make the lens resistant to dirt and wear for a smooth and easy to clean.
• Filters
The polarising filter present in the lenses of cressi sunglasses, allows a clear vision, without reflections or any glare. the cressi polarised sunglasses block the harmful horizontal light such as the reflections from a water or road surface, while allowing vertical light to reach the eye. vertical light is important for the human eye and improves vision.
• Comfort
Cressi sunglasses have superior optical quality, they block reflections and protect up to 100% from uv rays. they offer a clear vision, rich in details and increase the contrast of vision, protecting the eyes from harmful rays. this combination increases comfort and decreases eye strain.

Cressi sunglasses are characterised by superior optical quality, they block reflections and ensure 100% protection against uv rays. The lenses offer crystal clear vision, rich in detail, and enhanced contrast, while protecting the eyes from harmful rays. Available with lenses in a choice of colours: orange, silver, blue and green

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