Ice Semi-Drysuit Man

Semi-drysuit 7 mm

Ice Semi-Drysuit Man

SKU: LQ403002

Color: Black
Size: S/2
Model: 7 mm
Not Available

10-18° C 50-64. 4° F CE CERTIFICATION DIVING WETSUIT EN 14225-1:2017: B

Technical Features

• 7 mm-thick neoprene
• Elastic-span
• Elastic plush inside
• High volume pocket d-ring and hood holder
• Ankles and wrists with double cuffs

One-piece 7 mm semi-dry suit for cold water. Very easy to wear thanks to special outer elastic span cover and internal elastic plush lining. To facilitate the diver who carries important accessories, the suit is equipped with a convenient double compartment side pocket. One of them has a zipper closure while the other, intended for objects needing faster retrieved, has a velcro closing. Two d-rings allow you to secure objects. It has a hood holder for attaching the hood and special small dymond anti-abrasion reinforcements on the shoulders, knees and on the back side. Double cuffs on wrists and ankles. Comfortable waterproof master seal rear zip

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