Glacier Drysuit Lady

High density 4 mm drysuit

Glacier Drysuit Lady

SKU: LQ401401

Color: Black
Size: XS/1
Model: 4 mm
Not Available

Technical Features

• 4 mm high-density prestressed neoprene (external / internal nylon)
• Double storage pocket (one on the right and one on the left)
• Latex collar and cuffs
• Additional 1.5 mm neoprene thermal protection collar
• Shoulders, upper back, hips and lumbar area, knees with the special anti-abrasion x-diamond pad lining.
• Soft neoprene boots
• Internal braces
• Zipper flap
• Side-operated swivel fill valve
• Adjustable discharge relief valve

Glacier is a 4mm precompressed high-density neoprene, heavy duty, dry-suit. The main feature of glacier is in its collar and wrist sealing. It is made of latex. This ensures the best adherence possible to your body and minimizes the chance of water leaking in the suit. Both collar and wrist sealing are customizable. Have them cut to your precise size to have a perfect fit. Collar and wrists are replaceable too, in case they wear out or accidentally tear. Glacier features a second 1,5 mm neoprene collar, for additional thermal protection. Shoulders, back, hips and knees are reinforced with x-diamond pad material, making this wetsuit very resistant to abrasion. The feet are made of soft and elastic neoprene for a comfortable fit. Inside the dry-suit a pair of suspenders will hold the suit in place when it is open. The zip is covered by a neoprene flap. The charging valve is activated by a side button, while the deflating valve is adjustable. Glacier features two large pockets on the sides of the legs to comfortably place the additional gear you want to carry with you underwater. Glacier comes with Orust neoprene hood and inflator Hose.

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