Endurance Wetsuit Lady

Monopiece wetsuit 5 mm

Endurance Wetsuit Lady

SKU: JLV497001

Color: Black
Size: XS/1
Model: 5 mm
Not Available

16-24° C 60. 8-75. 2° F CE CERTIFICATION DIVING WETSUIT EN 14225-1:2017: C

Technical Features

• Shoulder, waist, back and knee reinforced pads with x-diamond ultraresistant material
• Ykk front zip
• Ankle zipper

5 mm one piece double lined neoprene diving suit. Conceived for intensive use in tepid waters. Easy to put on thanks to its ykk zippers: a heavy duty one on the front and two on the ankles. In the areas most exposed to wear on the part of the jacket, such as the belly and the shoulders, “xdiamond”, a special neoprene ensuring superior resistance to abrasion, is used. Special neoprene also covers the back and the knees, which are subjected to high stresses

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