Endurance Shorty Man

Shorty wetsuit 3 mm

Endurance Shorty Man

SKU: JLV475002

Color: Black
Size: S/2
Model: 3 mm
Not Available

>22° C >71. 6° F CE CERTIFICATION DIVING WETSUIT EN 14225-1:2017: D

Technical Features

• Shoulder, waist, back reinforced pads with x-diamond ultraresistant material
• Ykk front zip

3 mm one piece shorty wetsuit. Easy to put on thanks to its ykk zipper: a heavy duty one on the front. In the areas most exposed to wear on the part of the jacket, such as the belly and the shoulders, “xdiamond”, a special neoprene ensuring superior resistance to abrasion, is used. Special neoprene also covers the back, which is subjected to high stresses

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