Coral Aqua Shoes Junior

Kid size

Coral Aqua Shoes Junior

SKU: VB945023

Color: White / Blue
Size: 23


Technical Features

• Sole material thermoplastic
• Closure slip-on
• Upper material neoprene
• Ideal for the beach or general outdoor
• Watersports use
• High grip sole (not suitable for tiled
• Surfaces)
• With velcro tab for extra adjustment

Cressi coral jr are form-fitting and lightweight beach shoes. Suitable for walking on the street, near water and in water, excellent for boating. They’ll protect your feet from scorching sand, rocks, sea-urchins, reefs, and rough sea beds. Can be worn without socks. The upper, in neoprene and honeycomb fabric, lets the foot breathe. The flexible sole protects the arch of the foot from contact with the ground and is antigrip

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