Comfort 5 mm Wetsuit Lady

Monopiece wetsuit 5 mm

Comfort 5 mm Wetsuit Lady

SKU: LS507101

Color: Black
Size: XS/1
Model: 5 mm
Not Available

16-24° C 60. 8-75. 2° F CE CERTIFICATION DIVING WETSUIT EN 14225-1:2017: C

Technical Features

• 5 mm-thick neoprene
• Elastic-span
• Elastic plush inside
• Hood holder

One piece wet suit for temperate waters. Made of 5mm-thick neoprene with elastic-span external lining and elastic-plush internal lining. These materials enhance elasticity, heat level and wearability. The zip is a ykk in order to guarantee maximum quality and is placed vertically on the rear-side of the suit. The suit includes heavy duty kneepads for extra protection

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